Focus on your natural questions (#25)

The entire world is builded on the three questions: why?, what? and how? If you have some problem in life, which of the questions ask yourself mostly?

Is it about why this problem happened? And why do you act in a given way? These are cause-finding questions.

Or maybe it is about what is exactly happening around? What exactly makes this situation hard? These are reality-finding questions.

Or you ask yourself about how to deal with this problem? How should you change your behaviour? These are method-finding questions.

The first type of questions represents people thinking deep and understanding connections between events. They can offer their wisdom and original views to the world.

The second type of questions represents people thinking practical, with their foots strong on the ground. They can offer their relity-checks and practical critique on every idea.

The third type of questions represents people thinking by solutions and treating problems as challenges or sometimes even as a game. They can offer their skills in solving problems in a effective way.

What type of a man you are?

Think about it. And then use your natural strengths. All the three are wonderful and needed!