3 crucial things which you need to learn from greatest leaders (#8)

You can find tons of articles on how to lead and influence the World. It confuses. Instead thousands advices you need few, but truly necessary. When analyzing lives of some of greatest Game Changers, I’ve found three lessons being must-have. For everyone who wants to make a difference.

Lesson #1. Find a great vision. There is no reason to think small

Jeff Bezos had a vision to make a place where customers can buy anything online – builded Amazon, changing ecommerce industry. Larry Page & Sergey Brin had enormous idea to download entire web to accelerate search – builded Google. Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams and Biz Stone have common drive, strongly believing in democratisation of information – founded Twitter. Marc Andreessen believed WWW will be great if it will be easier to use – started first web browser ever, Netscape. Marc Pincus was obsessed about creating a service everyone can’t remember life before and can’t imagine life without – founded Zynga with such hits like Farmville and Mafia Wars.

Anyone who changed the world had some kind of vision, purpose, dream, internal drive to make great things. Any change happened by accident.

What great vision you have?

Do it fit with you – your strenghts, believes and things you enjoy?

Do it fit with world – people needs and existing opportunities?

Lesson #2. Do something remarkable. Or in a remarkable way

First possiblity – to make something new and remarkable. Like Richard Branson who became first such a brand himself – making crazy stuff to bring attention of media – like flying in baloon over atlantic ocean or beating the speed record flying from Japan to Canada. Or Anna Wintour – editor-in-chief of Voque, started new era in fashion industry, i.a. replacing supermodels with superstars.

Second possiblity – to make something existing, but in a remarkable way. Like Steve Jobs who practiced his speech several days before each Apple conference, paying attention to every detail. Or Warren Buffet having a photographic mind with skill to read complicated financial statements in details, but having a big picture same time.

Anyone who changed the world has made something remarkable. No change happened by being average.

Are you already innovator – doing something new and remarkable?

Are you already perfectionist – doing something in a remarkable way?

Lesson #3. Perseverance and courage. Do it until you make it

J.K. Rowling said “I had failed on an epic scale. An exceptionally short lived marriage had imploded and I was a jobless alone parent and as poor as it was possible to be in Britain without being homeless”. Today is world richest author. Reed Hastings, founder of Netflix, losing about ⅔ clients in just three months. Now his firm has more domestic subscribers than HBO. Louis de Funès waited for his first movie success to age 50. Became one of most famous French actors.

Anyone who changed the world had perseverance and courage to take an action and to stay with it until success. To achieve a goal you have to overcome problems.

Do you always work until you get things done?

Do you always learn from problems, failrues and opinions?

Three-points formula to became a great Game Changer

It is formula directly from great Game Changers. From their lives. Simple:

Have a great vision. Became remarkable in realizing it. Stay with it until the end.

What is your biggest obstacle – lack of vision, poor level of work or lack of courage and perseverance? Answer. And then focus on it.