There are two basic resources (#14)

What do you need to found Facebook-like company?

Probably the two most often things people would consider they need are ideas and money. Let’s talk about the second one.

Of course you need money. But what for do you need it?

To rent an office? To buy a new laptop? Or maybe to pay your employees – programmers, marketers etc.?

I think all above are good questions.

But let’s think about it a little deeper. Wouldn’t it be possible for you to learn some basic programming? Or not to buy a new Mac but a used one? Or not to work in a comfortable office but in a basement, like some Sillicon Valley today stars worked in?

All above are hard questions. You know why? Because all these are questions about our return on investment.

But only when looking at the surface it is about investing money. Because money doesn’t just appeared. There was some amount of a time and energy you needed to sacrifice to earn these money. Or even if not you, it was someone else who’ve made it.

And on the other hand – this money can save your time and energy in some way. You don’t need to learn programming yourself but you can pay someone for it. Or more precisely – to pay for his time and energy, which he is able to use in some way.


These are two deepest resources, hidden for any other resources names. No matter if you talk about money, infrastructure or employees skills – you the deepest level you talk about time and energy.

Are the people achieved the biggest success – on the deep level – are these who mastered using time and energy in a best possible way.