Don’t create your own theory of conspiracy (#39)

Theory of conspiracy are the tools to talk about complex things to people who can’t understand complexity.

This sentence I heard today in a one of lectures about Soviet Union collapse.Don’t

Lecturer talked about a large number of factors caused the collapse of USSR. From politician, through military and technological, to economic and social. From talking about a few well-known people – like Theodor Roosvelt or Pope John Paul 2 – to a large number of unknown US academics and entrepreneurs.

It was not a theory conspiracy that made USSR collapsed.

As it was not in any great historic event.

So is with our private lives.

We have a tendency to think about our problems in a very simple way. Thinking like: my boss is stupid for not giving me a promotion, my parents never understood my or I just can’t run a business.

But the reality is more complex.

Just talking about the first example – it is not all about your boss. You have such situation as well because of yourself – your education path, career path, past experiences, soft skills, ability to persuade other people etc.

Instead of looking for theories of conspiracy in our own lives it is better to understand the complexity. It’s harder but at the end of the day it’ll reward us. Who know – maybe even with a promotion from our boss?