Find a source of power in yourself (#19)

Last time I was talking with a one person about the politics. More precisely – about where is the real source of a power in today world. About the countries that are more and more weaker year after year. About the multinational corporations, influencing governments around the world stronger and stronger year after year.

So – we concluded – the geopolitic power source today is not in governments but in global managements.

It is not good or bad. It is just like it is.

Interesting conclusion is, that as we talk about geopolitic power sources, we can talk about our own, internal power sources as well.

So – what is your power source? What let you influence other people and the world around in the best and strongest possible level?

What type of communication – speaking, writing or visualising?

What kind of a role – as a leader or as a team member?

What kind of a work – creating something or realising something already created?

In every area of life you may work on different things. The key is to focus on these things that are the sources of your power.

You need this power, to make your ideas into living.