The 4 levels of mastering any skill (#9)

When it is about mastering some skill, I’ve observed that there are 4 consecutive areas in which you have to learn in. The better you focus on them, the faster you learn a skill. Any skill.

I’ve observed it first time, when I was learning the football juggling. Something like this, even not on such a level.

Level 1: Physics

I found that when I start to learn on how to juggle a ball, the best to learn at first is to learn the basic moves. And it is not about learning the technique yet – it is just about being sure that you are able to stay on two legs, moving them around, have touch with the ball etc. It is about having the possibility to learn technique, even before you start to learn it.

The other example – if you want learn public speaking, you need to be able to make it on a physic level – being able to speak, knowing words and language.

Level 2: Technique

Next I’ve started to learn some techniques. That mean – how to hit a ball, how strong and when – to not to lose control over it. And as you see – it could be only after I’ve mastered some basic moves, being sure I can make it on the physics level. Trying to learn techniques before mastering the basic moves would be only losing a time.

On the public speaking example – the same – it is worth to learn techniques such as telling stories, using humour or just using the 5-seconds pauses. But remember – make it only after learning the skill on the physics level.

Level 3: Psychic

The next level was to learn how to think. That mean now you know some techniques, so there is the time to make even better usage of them. Because knowing how to roll the ball in three different ways is not everything. Now you need to know when to use these techniques. And this is about working on your mind (psychic) habits, than on your body (physics) habits.

On the public speaking – it is e.g. about not only knowing how to tell the story or a joke, but first of all – when to tell it – basing on the audience needs and behaviours. And as with the 2nd level – learning psychic is efficient only if first you’ve learnt techniques.

Level 4: Spirituality

The last thing – even it can be little strange when you hear it for the first time – is about spirituality. About feeling things. This is the level, on which you subconsciously know what to do. Know how to use the techniques and mind habits to achieve your goals. But as well knowing about what of the goals is worth to achieve.

It is not easy to explain it with the juggling example. But when talking about public speaking – just listen to speech given by Senator Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, talking about death of Martin Luther King.

The greatness of this speech was not from techniques or psychic. It was mainly from the spirit. From being 100% sure what to talk about. And from saying it all deeply from the heart. And this is the greatest possible level of achieving any skill.

But even for making things directly from the heart, at first you need to know how to make them on the physics, techniques and psychic level. The heart alone is the great motivation, but without being able to delivery it – the motivation is nothing.