The better you are, the easier it is for you to become even better (#23)

Today is a good day – I could say. I’ve woke up early enough, written about 10 posts already, had some reading. I’m feeling good.

Interesting is, that if I only woke up later, it wouldn’t be as easy for me to make the rest of the day a I’d like to.

That is because if the day starts good – that mean if I make good things from the beginning – it is easier to make it in the next hours as well.

It is not only with the day, but with the life as well. The better you are at the beginning – let’s say at age 20 – the easier it will be to you to become even better next years.

That’s why it is so important to concentrate on the good start of a project, new work or even good start of a day.

And that’s why it is so important to build your strengths. And to strengthen your will. When having strong will it is easier for you to make good things. And then, when making good things, it strengthen your will even more.

That’s good when you fall into this circle of good activities.

But to make it – you need to have a good start. Fortunately, the age or even time of a day are not important. You can start whenever you want.