Natural networking formula (#28)

I’m an introvert.

At many conferences, meetings etc. where I was, I always listen to the people, observe and think. I’m rather not the centre of attention.

Unfortunately – all this is the opposite of people think is right, when talking about building a network.

But my experiences are different.

In my life, even I’m an introvert, I’ve met many people. In the field of education as well as business or earlier – in the field of students organizations.

I know personally few of the most richest people in Poland, two former Ministry of Education and many other wonderful people.

But I didn’t use any of the sophisticated networking tools or methods. Everything happened naturally.

How? First of all – I was proactive. That mean I didn’t focus on getting to know these people but on making some great things. And knowing to them always was the natural consequence of my working.

Second thing is – I was always asking myself, when thinking about a relationship with such people – what can I offer to them? What a value can I give them to make their life better? How can I help them achieve their goals?

I found it is completely not about how you look, what are your small-talk skills or how well do you influence people.

It is all about being proactive and giving a value to the others.

Because building a network is not a real goal. The goal is to make meaningful things. With people and for them. And this is why you need your network.