I’m a mirror. And you’re a mirror (#21)

Few days ago I was listening to a buddhist lecture. That was another time when I’ve heard a comparison of our teacher to a mirror.

It’s like simple 3-step lessons:

Step 1 – We can see all the great features of our teacher – his spontaneous joy, fearlessness, active compassion and many others.

Step 2 – We can see he has learnt it thanks to his wisdom activities.

Step 3 – We see him like in a mirror – because he is reflection of ourselves. What he has achieved, we can achieve as well.

This lessons is not about buddhism. It is about all of us.

I’m reflection of yourself and you’re reflection of myself.

All the precious features you have are also within my reach. All the precious features I have are also within your reach.

I’m a mirror. And you’re a mirror.