The 4 levels of maturity (#5)

There are the 4 levels of maturity. Uselessness, Sacrifice and Pleasure are three of the possibilities. As it is important to know them all, it is the best to focus on the fourth one and work on it.

Based on what I’ve written in the last post, there are two key things that makes a man mature. It is being happy and being helpful.

Using it, we can draw an extremely easy tool, using the two axis – usefulness and happiness levels. 

It gives us a possibility to create some simple, but interesting structuring of what are the different kinds of maturity. Adding the two levels on each axis gives us a 2×2 table, which is 4 different levels of maturity itself.

What are they?


Uselessness comes when even you’re not useful for the others or happy. It is not a goal probably for anyone. The situation, when you try, but not much happen from it.

The situation in which I was especially for a year after moving to Poznan from my home village. The hard time. I felt like I wrote – useless. It not only means not being useful. This feeling don’t make you happy as well.


The second level- Sacrifice – came in my example at times, when I’ve gained more and more experiences and knowledge, developed the new skills and used it. But I didn’t truly know what are my passions, what I want to do in the world. In short: din’t know what makes me happy.

Of course, the feeling of being more useful and making things happen made me a bit more happy as well. But to be honest that was not such a feeling of happiness I’d feel is a good enough level. That was like being a bit happy but inside, at the same time, feeling that something is wrong.


Another level didn’t really happen directly in my life but you can see it in the lives of many people. This is living just to have pleasure. In a convenience, comfortable environment. Watching TV series, chatting at FB, playing games or making any other things that are just about pleasure, not about creating some value.

Being happy without being useful can’t give a true and stable happiness. Pleasure is not what makes you happy.


And so we’ve came to the end. The last level of maturity is being mature itself. That mean being a lot useful and a lot happy in life.

What does it means exactly?

I truly don’t know. This there is not such a level, that everyone makes happy. But I know it is worth it to go in to this direction. It is not easier that being just useful or experiencing pleasures but it is worth it.

In which of the 4 maturity levels you are?