Learn how to unlearn (#22)

Jacek Santorski Рpolish psychologist, entrepreneur and leadership expert Рtalks often the important of learning, unlearning and learning again.

That’s true especially when concerns your character and habits.

Because I knew that to make something important, it has to be truly wonderful, I’ve learnt to be perfectionist in all I do. To always give from myself 100%.

Unfortunately it didn’t work. Focusing too much on unimportant details made me frustrated, while not having enough achievements as well.

So I unlearned it.

But that was a dangerous time as well. Because when I realised that it is not worth to be perfectionist, I’ve touched another extreme. And if I’d stay there for a long time, I’d be making only average things, not the great things.

Fortunately, after unlearning, I’ve learnt things again. But a bit different. I learnt that it is great to make ideal things. But not always. And not all things.

Even if unlearning was dangerous, in consequence it was necessary to learn something more important.

So unlearning is as key as learning. In fact – it is another part of the same process.