The less a man says, the more he has to say (#7)

People with the introverted personality types have a tendency to think first, before taking an action. And to think after a lot as well. Even it is hard for them, it is important to find a way to share their thoughts with the others – as these thoughts are useful.

Last time, talking with my friend I observed, that even if we both are introverts – normally rather silent and thoughtful – we could talk for a few hours almost continuously. And what’s more – we have many things to say, that not only are interesting, but also help us to grow and better understand ourselves.

In this moment I’ve created the simple sentence describing it: The less a man says, the more he has to say.

Of course, it is not such easy, but I found it interesting to think more about it.

On the MBTI site – saying in the introverted words – it stands like this:

I take time to reflect so that I have a clear idea of what I’ll be doing when I decide to act. Ideas are almost solid things for me. Sometimes I like the idea of something better than the real thing.

It shows that introverts – like me – have a tendency to think a lot. Not only about themselves (sometimes even overthink) but also about things around. And, naturally – to make interesting conclusions based on all these thinking.

Strange fact is, that having this natural tendency to seeing things and connections between in a deeper way, the introverted types are also less open to share there thoughts with the others.

Find a way to share your thoughts

But if a man is motivated by being most useful for the others – it is important to learn how to share his thoughts with the others. For introverted types it is twice as hard work to figure out how to do it and do it, but it is as well worth thing to do.

I encourage you all introverted types here. Open up. Share your thoughts. And remember – it doesn’t mean you have to make a great speech or to be most loud in a crowded room. It can be as simple as sharing it while talking with friend or writing an article.