You can inspire others even not saying too much (#6)

Inspiring by words is about saying what a man has on the tip of his tongue. That means not saying a lot but saying the one sentence that fits ideally. That way all of us can inspire the others, in many daily situations. Now I want to inspire you.

I remember one day when I was sitting with my friend at the local pub beer garden. It was a warm summer evening. We’re talking about things that truly interests us – making plans, developing character, reflecting the world around us. But when we began to talk about our talks itself, words of my friend really surprised me.

As I’m an observing introvert, I prefer to ask question, listen to people and only sometimes to add something personal to the conversation, I’d not say that I can hardly motivate anyone.

But my friend said me that I do. And it is really great to talk to me as I can motivate him. And many others to whom I talk as well.

But really – I was thinking in the moment – is it possible to motivate while almost only listening to? Motivate by saying at most a few sentences in a row?

He surprised me but said: yes, it is possible.

It is, because you don’t have to talk a lot but to talk right. What motivates people the most is the things that they deeply inside know are the true things. The things that a man has at the tip of his tongue, but still need someone who will help him to say these words aloud. And when it is said – it is like obvious idea. But still extremely useful and motivating – because it is so true

You can inspire in many situations

As I’ve learnt it is possible – not only for my, but of course for everyone – to inspire people in a good way in many situations.

This inspiration can be about making key life choices as moving out to the other city or changing the job. About finding who we really are – what motivates us, what are our passions, our strengths and weaknesses. About how can we become better people. Or how to deal with our daily problems.

There are many ways we can inspire people, everyday.

The key is to listen to them. And then to think about what is the true of them and of the situation. What a one sentence can we say, to help them understand what they have on tip of the tongue.

Now I want to inspire you

This is why I decided to write a book. At the beginning it had to be a book with my own thoughts and ideas, that once I had on tip of the tongue. And when I understood them, they helped e a lot to grow. So now I wanted to share it with you.

But the longer I was writing, the more I’ve seen that it can be something more, not only about sharing the useful thoughts. It was about saying the story – my own story of learning how to become a better man. A story with which you can easily identify, thanks what it is easier to grow together with the story.

And the last thing – I’ve seen it is not only a book, but a course as well. A 30-day course on the self-development. Something that can truly help you to grow, and to learn at the same time how to become more self-aware. As well as how to learn to ask yourself the good questions.

After writing all about, the book will probably be called:

On Tip of a Tongue: The 30-Day Self-Consciousness Course Inspiring You to Grow Yourself.

I’ll show you more of it in the following posts.

And the last note – as I’m aware of my english skills, don’t worry – there will be some professional translator who’ll help me to make it on the level it should be 🙂