Regularity vs Impetuosity (#17)

You can’t make a great thing in just a one day. That is – it always take more time. Even for preparing, ideating or correcting what you’ve done.

If you want to write a bestseller, you can’t make it in one day.

Let’s say you need 240 hours to write a book.

If you could write it for 12 hours a day, you could make it just in 20 days. But… are you able?

When I’m writing – sometimes it is hard to make it for 1 hour – especially if I’m tired. But sometimes of course I can do it for much longer – even 4 or 5 hours.

While writing I’ve learnt that it is not these 4 or 5 hours sometimes that let you to make something great – like writing a book.

What makes you writer is the regular work, even if it is just 1 hour a day.

When making great things it is not about being ultra-productive for few days, while not working after for a few months. It is about regularity, not about impetuosity.

Funny thing is that when you do something on a regular basis, it not only becomes easier but is becomes more fun as well.

If you don’t push on yourself too much – to write for 4 or 5 hours a day – but set yourself a goal to write minimum for a 1 hour – it finally brings you to write longer.

Doing meaningful things for a 2 hours a day – even after work – makes you spend about 700 hours a year on something worthwhile. And this is a time for you to make something you can be proud of.