Sometimes it is worth to imitate the other people (#2)

It’s not always great to make something new. Sometimes it is better to just copy-paste a way of doing from the other people.

Like from Seth Godin and his blog

For many days before today I was thinking about how to make my ideas useful for the others. How to share them with people to make it all interesting and meaningful. How often should I publish? What to write about? How long the posts should be?

I was thinking a lot and changing my concepts many times. Trying to create something truly new.

But today I understood that it is not necessary to create something 100% new. What’s more – it is quiet smart to copy-paste what the other people doing.

I’m sure it is the same in your life. Maybe there is someone who is already successful in area you want to create something meaningful? And maybe it is worth to imitate him – not 100%, but income way?