The two civilisations (#26)

Reffering to my last post on three basic, world-building questions (why? what? how?) now I want to focus on the first and last of them.

In today world we focus so much on success. On achieving goals. On the constant exploration of the newest ways of being better that the others. Writing and reading books on the another world-changing method of growing sales, build our reputation or influencing people.

It is all about looking for the answer on the question: HOW?

As I don’t think it is just bad, I think that focusing too much on it can be bad.

Thinking about HOW to achieve things give us great tools for dealing with the problems and making new solutions all the time.

But – to be honest – not focusing on the WHY side enough, we don’t know which of the problems are really necessary. And what’s more – even if we know which of the solutions are effective, we still don’t know which of the solutions are good. Because if something is effective it not always mean it is good already.

I think we live now in the HOW-civilization. And I think we miss something deep and important in this way.

I don’t want to persuade anyone that we need to live in the opposite, the WHY-civilization. But I’m sure, that this question should be asked much more often and much louder that it is today.