Use your 700800 hours in a good way (#18)

You have 24 hours each day. 168 hours a week. 8760 hours a year. Assuming that you’ll live for 80 years, it gives you 700800 hours.

“Having no time” should never be an excuse. The time is, regardless of if you think you have it or not.

The point is how well you use it?

I’m 26 when writing it. So I lived for more than 227760 hours now.

I made quiet a lot of meaningful things – leading teams, writing articles and a book, having deep inspiring talks with family and friends. But I feel, when comparing it to these 200000+ hours – I could make much more and much better if I concentrate on the things that are truly meaningful.

And there is only one way to do it. Easy way. It is about consciously concentrate on the right things not in a year. Not in a month. Even not in a week. It is about concentrate on the right things every day and every hour.

If I sit on the couch playing games, watching YouTube or thinking about changing my life instead of changing it – I know that I don’t use this hour to make something meaningful.

Of course it is not about not spending time on taking rest or develop ourselves psychically and spiritually. These are meaningful and necessary areas of our lives.

It is about being conscience of each hour we live in. And about asking ourselves: it is good way of using one of my 700800 hours that is given to me? Is it meaningful enough?