The Road to Happiness (#29)

If you ask yourself, why are you reading these words, what would you answer? Let’s say you do it, because you want to develop yourself.

But why do you want do develop yourself? Let’s say it is important, because you want to use your our potential.

Why is it so important for you? Let’s say because when using your entire potential, you will achieve the greatest results in anything you do.

So why is achieving good results is so important for you? Let’s say because it makes you more happy.


I found that regardless of in which situation I start ask myself the why-question, the last answer is always like “because it makes me more happy”.

So anything I do in life – on a deepest level – I do, because I want to be more a happy man.

It is not good or bad. It’s just the way it is.

The problem is that even if everything  I do have to make me more happy, it is not always as it should be.

Sometimes I choose the wrong path. Or if not wrong – just not good enough.

If think it is not only my case but it is about you as well. You want to be happy rather than unhappy. And you choose your path to this happiness.

In every situation. Sometimes it is about big choices – like choosing career or marry. But sometimes it is about very small choices – like how do you ant to spend the evening.

On the deepest level it is all about the pursuit of happiness.

So everyone has his Road to Happiness.

The point is to choose the best possible Road. The one that really makes us happy, that suits us and is short and straight rather than long and twisted.