Find a Golden mean in your perfectionism (#12)

In a opposite to the last post, where I was writing about how to fight our perfectionism, no I’ll write about how it is great to be perfectionist… Yes, it makes sense.

I was working today on preparing an article. I’ve made it yesterday and the day before yesterday as well. To be honest, I was working on it long time ago – in the summer of 2014.

Once I was working on another article – concerning education changes – and there was about 10 different versions of this article. But it finally worked. I’ve published it on one of the biggest polish portal. And it was probably most shared article concerning education there. It worked.

Finding the Golden mean

It is not easy to know when doing things is good, and when it is bad perfectionism. When is it making us closer to create something really meaningful and on the other hand, when it is just excuse for sharing our things with the people and getting feedback.

Many times I was working on things that were not worth it. Businesses, books, even the board game. But sometimes I was working on a thing to make it not only good, but perfect. And when I finally shared it with the people, it really worked.

That was when I said speech about my student organization, while being president. I was repeating it 15+ times aloud before. That was when I was making a 6+ pages summary of the e-mail discussions of my team in the Ministry of Education. That was the beginning for my to take bigger responsibilities there. And that was when I was making a 200-pages manual for new software users in my former company. Thank to this, even before I finished this project, another company called to me showing their interest.

I’d like to have much more such situations. But even having a few of them, I know that being perfectionist can work. The key is to understand where is the Golden mean.