Tell stories to learn your feelings (#36)

A few days ago I was with my beloved at the kitchen table, after some quarrel.

All this happen mostly because of my behaviour. Specifically – because of my preference to hide my feelings inside myself, not sharing it with others. Especially so-called bad feelings.

But how,if it is not so natural for my?

Then we remember the game that we’re playing, even not knowing each other very well. That was all about asking questions for each other. It was like:

  1. My question, Her answer
  2. Her question, My answer
  3. My question, Her answer
  4. And so on

It helped us to go beyond our natural roles (she talks, I listen) and focus more on each other.

Sitting at this kitchen table, when only she asked me some question – I started to talk. And the more I talked, the deeper I moved into myself.

Up to the moment when I started to talk something I was never talking to her – some difficult story of my life. Then the feelings started to go out with me. To the point that I even started to cry – for the first time in years.

We’ll make it again to teach me not to keep emotions inside, but to be able to express them.

If you want to learn your emotions – it is good to find someone who will just ask you questions and listen. Someone you trust.

That’s enough.