2 possible reactions on failure – the Learning Loop (#10)

To be great at something it is certain that at first you will fail. Even if there is no golden rule for achieving success, there is a one key thing. It is how you react on your failures. I’ll visualise it to you with the simple learning loop.

There are two types of reactions on failures.

We all fail. At least at the beginning

But before we’ll talk about it, let’s see what is common for all of us. It is talking actions. And then – most of the times at first – failing. Like this:

The first reaction: Surrender

The easiest way of dealing with failures is just to resign.

Unfortunately that’s the worse way – of course if you making like this all the time. If you surrender when only having a failure, you’ll not make any bigger things. Because the bigger thing is, the harder is to not fail.

The second reaction: Drawing conclusions

But there is another way to deal with failures. It’s about having a power, motivation, and wisdom not to fail but to draw the conclusions.

Not only to be smarter, but to make a thing better the next time. So the more and the better conclusions you draw, the better action you take in a consequence.

And after all these tries and learning in our learning loop, there is the time when it finally goes well.

But even if you finally going out of a learning loop to achieve success it is not really the end of learning for you. Success is the outcome which you need. But to stabilize it and to make even better results – you have to always make the conclusions from your activities. And now not only from your failures (which will of course still happen sometimes), but from your successes as well.