Sleep first, then decide (#13)

I like to make fast decisions. Not to overthink too much and to go into action as soon as possible.

But there is one problem with it.

If I make decisions so fast – it means that I change my previous one fast as well. And if I change my direction too often – it is not possible to concentrate on something. And to achieve a great goal, I can’t achieve it in a while. It always takes my time and require concentration.

Now – even if I still like to implement my decisions as soon as possible – I’ve learnt to sleep before taking it.

Instead of making immediate decision – even if I’; really excited about it – I’m writing down my idea not to forget about it. Then doing nothing to implement it – not even a research. And the next day watch it again. If it is still looking good – only then I implement it.

Even if such decisions making is not so fast, ironically, using it you’ll save much more time. Not thanks to being just fast but thanks to being smarter and keeping good direction.