Get rid of the bad confusion (#30)

In today’s world – if you don’t want to become a lonely hermit – every day you will be exposed to enormous number of incentives. New ideas, points of view, and reflections will come to your mind almost constantly.

Scrooling your Facebook wall can make you feel you’re not worth enough. Scrolling your LinkedIn wall can make you feel you’re career is not successful enough. Even reading some kind of personal development blog or a book can make you feel some kind bad about yourself.

Or if not bad, it can make you just confused.

On the one hand it is natural and needed for you to unlearn something not true or to learn something true – about yourself or the world around.

But on the other hand, being confused too long, too often or too much can make you not only counter-productive but even depressed.

That said be aware of your confusion. Ask yourself if your confusion is good (teaching you something true and important) or bad (making you just feel worse, undermining your goals and life path, without any good learning from it).

In the age of confusion it is not about avoiding it completely but about becoming confused in a good way.