Live in true with yourself. Check your assumptions (#35)

It is easy to concentrate so much on some goal or a given strategy to achieve a goal, not to see that actually it became wrong path.

That was my example.

In a few last months I was concentrated on writing my book and building a business. But I haven’t seen that all these are not simple and fast projects, but they all require the time to achieve it. I didn’t make such important assumption earlier.

As well I haven’t seen that if my former plan to earn some extra money will not happen, I should focus on this need first, even before my other projects. Again – there was assumption I forget about it and concentrated on it too late.


Another assumption is that if I work full time, I’ll not able to concentrate on my side projects at the same time. As this assumption was some kind tested for last two years it is not entirely true. Working on some big implementation project in the last two years I was able to run another for a few months, even if it was not easy – so the assumption is not fully correct.

These few assumptions – which I should make or which were just wrong – directs my decisions. That’s why it is so important to be aware and to check them regularly.

It doesn’t mean you need to change assumptions all the time but you need to be sure that what directs you is true.