Make your own Action Rules (#20)

Last few weeks I was learning a lot about my personality type, according to MBTI assessment.

One of the greatest things I’ve found is that there are some rules, even if not universal for everyone, there are great rules for me. I call them Action Rules – as they direct my actions.

These are easy and few so far:

  • Make things that are your passion, even not knowing yet how to monetise them
  • Base on your intuition, now on what the others thinks
  • Make as little as possible at a time. One thing at a time is ideal
  • Sleep with your decisions
  • Do meaningful things by meaningful small steps
  • Instead of focusing on all details, focus on details that matter

These simple rules use my natural strengths – intuition, complex thinking, passion to do meaningful things. At the same time – they addresses my natural weaknesses as well – an over-perfectionism, over-idealism and tendency to spen a lot of time on the non-practical ideas.

These 6 helps me a lot.

I could say that without it – especially 1st and 5th – I’d not write this blog.

Think about if it is worth for you as well to write down such simple Actions Rules, using your natural strengths, while addresses your natural weaknesses as well. I think it’s worth.