Vision is needed (#1)

A vision can be just PR slogan, meaning nothing or something that truly change a way you work an focus, catalysing real changes in the world. The question is – do you really need it?

Last day I was talking with a one person about if a vision is needed for a company or not. From this point it is easy to ask a question if is it needed for a man.

On the one hand – most of the companies vision statements are like PR slogans, meaning almost nothing. There is much about creating value, serving customers or being 1st in the industry. But to be honest – there is not much content in these words. So such a vision is mostly like a poor PR.

But on the other hand – there were some visions in the business world, that were not just slogans, but real game-changers.

Just watch SpaceX vision:

Enable human exploration and settlement of Mars.

Or Facebook’s:

To make the world more open and connected.

Or Google’s:

Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

All three were and are shaping the business world and creating some real, meaningful change in the world. Without the exciting vision it would be impossible to realise these changes.

The same is with personal visions. It can be just like a personal-PR slogan, meaning nothing, just to publish it on the LinkedIn. But on the other hand – if the vision is created as it should be and if a man is concentrated on realising it – it can be a wonderful inspiration for you to make changes in the world.

Is a vision needed. My answer is: to make great things, a vision is necessary!