If you wait until the things will be ideal, you’ll wait all the time (#38)

I have a tendency to be extremely perfectionist. In my case it is all about trying to understand everything who I am and what I do and to make from it a one big picture.

I hate inconsistencies or lacks in my thinking or in my life plan.

But regardless of how much I try to explain everything and to plan everything there is always  something un-explained. Or something that is just a puzzle from a different puzzle.

Last days I understood that trying to add everything and make a one big picture with – while not making actions – is just waste of time.

It is normal we don’t see all the connections. Or that our plans are not 100% consistent with our talents, possibilities around etc.

But to achieve any results we can just correcting our path, while not walking along it.

Instead of just waiting until the things will be ideal – think about it, but at the same time along along your 90% ideal path.