Concentration is needed in the age of deconcentration (#34)

Driving a car for the first time I understood that it is very easy to die. Or at least to hurt seriously when making it without the proper concentration.

Wrong time of turning, extortion priority or watching the phone instead of the street for a few seconds is enough.

That’s why when we drive, we concentrate a lot – not to die.

Even if it is an extreme example, it fits greatly to all areas of our life. If we replace the death with any consequence of being not concentrated enough – we got it.

When writing article you need a concentration to make it short and understandable.

When making a speech you need a concentration to make it attractive and story-based.

When talking with friend you need a concentration to ask good questions and give the best advices.

You need a concentration whatever you do.

Especially in the age of deconcentration – having thousands incentives every day – you need to be concentrated.



Author: Wojciech Dudziak

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