Full occupation of mind, heart and hands – is happiness (#32)

Last time I was watching a documentary about Thomas Jefferson. There was the one sentence that most sticked to my mind.

If in full occupation of mind, heart and hands is happiness, then surely he is happy

This is about Jefferson himself as without a doubt, he was using all three.

He named himself not a politician, but especially scientists and farmer. He was a man who wrote the Declaration of Independence as well as created a swivel chair. And he loved so deeply, that after his wife’s death he didn’t left his room for two weeks.

He used his mind, heart and hands as strong as good as he could. So it is no wonder, that this is a happiness advice from himself:

It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness.

I found it true also in my life.

Working only with my head will probably cause more confusion than happiness at the end. Feeling only will make me unstable. Working only with my hands will make me feel I’m not using my potential.

But adding them all really makes me happy.

When I spend a day on working with my mind, sharing good emotions with others and use some time with my hands – playing guitar, walking or boxing – I feel just better.



Author: Wojciech Dudziak

Bloger. Codzienna Dawka Inspiracji na www.wojciechdudziak.pl