You can build only on your strengths (#15)

There is an endless talk if it is better to develop strengths or to mitigate weaknesses.

Of course first thing is to understand yourself.

What are you great at? What comes to you much easier than to anybody else? What do you feel great about, when doing it? That are probably your strengths.

And on the other hand. What are you poor at? What comes to you much harder than to anybody else? What do you feel bad about, when doing it? That are probably your weaknesses.

So now, knowing yourself a little better, what should you concentrate at? If you are poor at leading group conversations but great at empathetic listening, is it good to learn how to lead conversations better or to grow your listening skills even more?

The answer is: do both.

But this is a good answer only on the day-to-day level. Only when talking about daily actions. The answer should be different if you talk about a macro, personal strategic level.

If you choose what to do in life – your career path – there is no reason to base it on your weaknesses.

You should develop both your strengths and weaknesses – that’s for sure. But you can build lasting, meaningful things not on your weaknesses but only on your strengths.

Doing it, you’ll not only make better things, but you’ll feel happier, knowing that you use your gifts best as you can.


Author: Wojciech Dudziak

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