An easy way to fight your perfectionism (#11)

There is a good way to fight with your perfectionism. If it stops you from making good things, you need to learn how to do things extremely regularly.

Are you a perfectionist? I’m, absolutely.

It is hard to make anything great, while not making something good at first

Of course not always it is wrong. To be honest – if I wouldn’t be a perfectionist, I wouldn’t make all the ideas I’ve made to this time. All the articles. And all the songs.

But sometimes it is not good. This is when it stops you from making good things only because of waiting to make great things.

Happily, I found what is needed to fight a bad perfectionism.

Make things regularly

How to do it? Just push on yourself to make things regularly.

Want to write a blogpost? Ok, make it everyday. Or every week. Want to read more books? Ok, do it for 30 minutes, each day. Want to learn to play guitar? Great. Do it for 60 minutes every saturday and sunday.

To fight your perfectionism you need to just do it. You need to make things on some level, to make them on the better level in the future. And you need to show it to the other people, to get a feedback.

If you do something, it is easier to make it better. If you don’t do anything, it becomes extremely hard to make something truly meaningful.

It is quality what matters. But to achieve quality, you need a quantity first.


Author: Wojciech Dudziak

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