Being mature is not about what you think it is (#4)

Man is like an apple. This fruit can be ripe or not. If is – it is red and juicy. Ready to use it in accordance with its nature. So with man. The only difference is that when talking about people, it is not about being ripe but about being mature.

When I was preparing to make a last presentation at my former student organisation (which I’m alumnus now), I decided to say about my experiences on the path of self-development. So I’ve drawn something like this, as one of my presentation’s slides:


Was really proud of it. The slide’s massage had to be like this: the path of the self-development isn’t easy – as it was in my case – but it is possible and worth it.

But after a minute I’ve noticed that there is something wrong with it. There should be something more. My consultant mind shyly whispered in my ear, that there should be axis as well! To know, if going to the right-top corner is good or not. So I added the axis.


But then, suddenly, my inner voice whispered something more. It asked me what does that even mean to go to the right-top corner. In other words – if that slide is about the self-development path – what does it mean to be more or less self-developt?

This is how we move back to the apple. I was thinking like this: if an apple is “mature” when it is red and juicy, when man is mature?

Is it about the money? A car? Number of friends? Quality of friends? Successes? Pleasures? A lot of ideas came to my mind but nothing really convinced me.

But then, after few minutes, I got it.

Being mature is not about being pleased and rich but about being happy and useful.


“Mature” apple is red and juicy. Mature man is happy and useful. It is extremely accurate and easy, isn’t it?

How happy and useful you are?


Author: Wojciech Dudziak

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